Psychological support

Today a large percentage of couples have fertility problems. The inability to conceive naturally, as the action undergoing assisted reproduction treatment, the couple can create stress, anxiety and emotional and psychological disorders. Studies show that couples, who continue treatment for a psychological support program, reduce mental and emotional distress, as these therapies help to maintain a more positive attitude.

For this reason, Biogest offers counselling in which taught appropriate strategies, designed to have greater emotional control during different phases of treatment, addressing the results of a positive and increasing well-being of our patients.

This service is run by a specialist in the area of ​​sexual and reproductive psychology, and provides various services that cater to the needs of individual patients:

- Psychological and emotional support during assisted reproduction treatment.

- Advice and treatment in the area of ​​sexuality.

- Support and treatment in cases of abortion.

- Preparation for childbirth and motherhood suited to couples who come from assisted reproduction treatment.

Emotional and psychological support unit.

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