Diagnostic methods female and male


The analyzes are important to determine the ability of ovulatory women.



Hysterosalpingography, consisting of an X-ray in which a contrast must apply to see the internal morphology of the uterus and the permeability of the tubes.

Study of ovulation:

  • Basal temperature.
  • Hormone Study.

Study of the endometrium: is performed by ultrasound, biopsy and hormonal determination.

Postcoital test: Used to know the compatibility of the cervical mucus and sperm.



Andrological study.

Comprehensive study of sexual health.

It is done through:

  • Complete medical history, which is detailed in the duration of the process, how to start, prior diseases or conditions that cause, association alteration in drug taking.
  • Physical examination of the genitalia.
  • Analytical basic general: CBC, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, transaminases, etc.
  • Analytical hormones: testosterone, prolactin, SHBG, thyroid hormones, psa.
  • Dispensing appropriate medical treatment or treatment by our office sexological psycho-sexological.
  • Analytical and basic general analytical hormone that can expand with growing-urinary sediment and / or seminal fluid culture.
  • Seminogram, consisting of the study of the physical and chemical characteristics of semen.
  • Evaluation of THE SELECTION TEST.

Prevention and early detection of prostate and testicular cancer.

  • Complete urologic study: immediate diagnosis with no waiting lists.
  • Medical history:
    • Complete physical examination.
    • Analysis of whole blood.
    • Complementary examinations.



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