Causes male and female


Congenital disorders: Absence or alteration of genito-urinary structures.

Genetic Disorders: Altered chromosome or chromosomal diseases, causes of infertility.

Acquired disorders: Environmental and immunological.

Disorders of the prostate and seminal vesicles: The study can be extended with sediment / urine culture and / or seminal culture.

Seminal Disorders: Infertility for abnormal sperm.

Obstructive causes: After an exhaustive study of disease causing infertility, we propose the most appropriate solutions.

Vasectomy and recovery of fertility. In the case of performing vasectomy and subsequent desire for new pregnancies with another couple, we propose recovery: biopsy testicular sperm in the testicle itself, without undoing previous vasectomy done. The results are generally positive, even 15 years after vasectomy practiced.

Changes in sexual response, such as failures or decrease in libido, impotence or erectile dysfunction among others.



The most important factor in reducing fertility is the age of the woman, because after 40 years there is a decrease in the function of the ovaries and the natural reserve of eggs.

Cause ovarian: Produced by the absence of ovaries, premature menopause, endometriosis and abnormal ovulation.

Cause tubal: Produced by the absence of horns, complete obstruction or functional disorder.

Because uterine: That leads to difficulty in the normal development of the embryo.

Cause cervical: It prevents or hinders the entry of sperm into the female genital tract.

Because immune: Existence of anti-sperm antibodies.

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