Fertility treatments

OVULATION INDUCTION: Indicated in cases of dysfunction of ovulation in women.

ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION BY HUSBAND: is the artificial introduction of semen into the genital tract of women after processing in the laboratory.  Must be accompanied by a study of ovarian function using analytical hormonal study of tubal patency and semen.

  • RESULTS: Of 100 couples who completed four cycles of insemination, 40-50 couples have achieved pregnan.

IVF - VITRO AND INTRACYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION: is the removal of eggs and their fertilization in the laboratory. Subsequently, the embryos are placed in the uterine cavity.

  • RESULTS: 40% pregnancy rate per cycle simple.


There is a certain group of women who, despite being still in childbearing age, present a problem that prevents them from producing eggs regulary, and therefore have difficulties with reproduction. We are talking about women that have has removed them the ovaries, because of illness, have followed a cancer treatment or who have stopped working (early menopause, age...).

It is also indicated in cases of women older than 42, 43 years, ages that women have very few eggs and  also of poor quality, moreover, it  increases the rate of chromosomal abnormalities, so that in this age range between 42 and 43 and up to 50 years, pregnancy is achieved because off egg donors, young women with no fertility problems.

For these women, the only possibility of achieving a pregnancy is through the donation of eggs from another woman. These eggs are test-tube inseminated with the sperm, and the resulting embryos are transferred to the receiving woman's uterus.

Legal Terms of egg donation: Current legislation, Law 35/1988 and Royal Decree 412/1996:

  • The donation of gametes for purposes authorized by this Act is a contract free, Formal and secretly agreed between the donor and the Centre will be signed authorized in writing.
  • The donation will never for profit or commercial. However , in 1998 , the National Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction considered in its first report on the existence of pain and loss of movement time justifying compensation without violating the principle of gratuitousness expressed in the Act 35 / 1988 and Royal Decree 413/1996.
  • The donation will be anonymous and the identity details of the donor were kept in the strictest secrecy.
  • The choice of the donor will be responsible for the medical team. We must ensure that the donor has the highest phenotypic similarity and the maximum chances of women receiving support.
  • The authorized centers and the National Register will ensure that not a single donor born more than six children.

ARTIFICIEL INSEMINATION WITH SPERM DONOR: The technique used is identical in the case of artificial insemination by husband.

EGG FEEZING: In the case of Catalonia, the Generalitat of egg freezing authorizations granted to centers that meet certain requirements. Biogest offers this service for women who have any of the following indications:

  • Preserving female fertility:

          - Prior to aggressive treatments that may compromise (chemotherapy or radiotherapy).

          - Early menopause.

  • Delaying motherhood for social causes. With age and aging eggs entails decline in fertility and increase in genetic abnormalities, if frozen young eggs these effects are not increased.
  • Moral issues. In assisted reproduction, there are couples who do not want to freeze their embryos, however assume while egg freezing.
  • Avoid legal problems. The embryos are frozen conflict in cases of separation, they are not the eggs.
  • Creation of banks to donate eggs. This reduces the waiting time for a donor to get more affinity between the donor and the recipient.


Involves the detection of genetic disorders in embryos before their transfer to the uterus of the patient.


In the law of assisted reproduction techniques in 2006, recognizes the right to use all the techniques regulated by the law regardless of their status and / or sexual orientation.

In our center we perform treatments to single women or homosexual women to help them in their purpose of having a child. Treatment options are primarily Artificial insemination by donor or IVF.

In the case of IVF couples in homosexual women, one of the women may be that the eggs are extracted and the other can receive the resulting embryos after fertilization. Thus the two reproductive participating in the project, one of them is the genetic mother and the other, if pregnancy occurs, the biological mother.


It provides an effective and personalized with a single objective: to safeguard fertility in male and female patients, medically indicated, or by choice, reproductive want to postpone the project.   Thanks for Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) may freeze, with high chances of success, embryos, eggs, sperm or testicular tissue for future use directions:

  • Women who want to postpone motherhood.
  • Young men and women diagnosed with cancer.
  • Women with autoimmune diseases.
  • Young women with severe endometriosis.
  • Men before vasectomy.

Methods for preserving fertility.

  • Vitrification of eggs: is the production of eggs by the ovaries aspiration, a prior hormone stimulation of ovulation to achieve a sufficient number of eggs.
  • The freezing of embryos: the same treatment that begins with the egg, but the eggs are fertilized with sperm from the couple before freezing.
  • The freezing of sperm or testicular tissue: is done directly from the semen sample or from a testicular biopsy.
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