Biogest has the technology timelapse called embryoscope. It is an incubator that allows obtaining an image of each embryo every 15 minutes, without paying any handling this. That is, without removing the embryo from the incubator in no time at the moment only just prior to his transfer to his or freezing. This detail results in a nonexistent fluctuating growing conditions (temperature, humidity) providing maximum stability and improvement in the embryo results.

Since the advent of this technology laboratories morphology was essential tool for classifying embryos and assess their potential implementers. Now we have two key tools, morphology and kinetics do not always go hand in hand. Not only assess the time of onset of the second cell, the fourth or the eighth, but increasingly have more significance for intermediate values​​, how long it takes the embryo between the third and fourth cell or between the third and second. We have also learned how to manage all this wealth of information and use it for choosing the best embryo.

From Biogest will we continue fascinated, Visualizing and re-visualizing our embryos to improve the choice and to be able to help our patients to achieve his dream.

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