Prenatal Diagnosis

After producing the pregnancy is the Maternal Fetal Medicine Service, in charge of controlling pregnancy.

The human pregnancy involves several stages each of which requires strict controls to ensure a good outcome and anticipate problems that may arise.

In our center we perform monthly checks to patients without risk factors. In cases that have diseases diagnosed during the prenatal, the number of checks and scans will be higher. To rule or control any malformation of the fetus, between weeks 11 and 13 of gestation performed a comprehensive biochemical analysis, together with ultrasound and carefully considering maternal age, a result that will be considered in case of altered recommend performing an amniocentesis.

Amniocentesis is a technique used to extract a small amount of amniotic fluid in which fetal cells are free to be studied in a laboratory specialized rule out genetic abnormalities. The aspiration is by introducing a needle to the inside of the womb through the abdominal wall. Advised to make between 15-16 per week is recommended to rest for two days after the extraction.

Ultrasound High Definition: It is done between weeks 18 and 22, is designed primarily to rule out fetal malformations.

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